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*   I  Service  All  Motor Trike  Products _ Throughout  The  Kansas  City  Metro   *

I have recently relocated my operation back to the Leavenworth / Lansing area.
I moved to 1601 Commerce Road in Tonganoxie, 5 years ago, in July of 2011, where I attempted to get familiar with marketing products to a more diversified group of
Motorcycle Riders.
After those five years, I realized my true passion is working uniquely with Trikes, and Trike Owners, and so I moved back to that objectivity by relocating to a more relaxed
location, and environment.

In September of last year (2016), I left Tonganoxie, and returned to my original home based location.
I am currently operational, and as the weather improves, my Operation, and Surroundings will only get better, so please don't forget who I am, and what I have provided
Since 2005, as your Dedicated Representative of Motor Trike Inc., and their Products.
Please stay tuned to my FaceBook Page, and frequent my Web Site, as I am continuously updating them with interesting information.

Please do pass the word to all of your friends with Trikes, and those desiring to convert their Two Wheeled Motorcycles to Trikes, that I do exist, with many years of
experience, necessary to have the needed knowledge, and skills to Create, and Keep Operational, their current, or future Trikes.

Thanks for staying with me, and supporting my efforts to be here for you!
Hello !

My name is Dave Plomaritis aka: DavePlom
I am the Owner, and  President of Midwest Bikes To Trikes
I Am Your Personal Motorcycle Trike Conversion Specialist
I have been in business servicing the Kansas City Arena since 2005
Thank you for choosing to visit my web site, and do feel free to browse around
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, and I do look forward to working with you!